General Gaming License Conditions


Insurance Law

An Applicant for a licence under the Act must maintain a net worth with fully paid-up capital or a guarantee in US Dollars or equivalent in another currency.
Class of Licence Fully Paid-Up Capital Fund or Guarantee
Class II Euros 100,000

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    1. The licensee (and, where appropriate, every officer, servant or agent of the licensee) must comply with all the requirements imposed on it by the On Line Gaming Act, 2005.
    2. The licensee may advertise its interactive gaming services as it sees fit, provided always that advertisements must not bring the Island of Anjouan into disrepute or promote gaming amongst under-aged persons.
    3. The licensee must establish and maintain appropriate and adequate procedures under which it can identify players who are, or appear to be at risk of becoming, compulsive gamblers and provide to such persons sufficient information and assistance to enable them to obtain counseling or access to support organisations.
    4. The licensee must make all reasonable efforts to keep abreast of international developments as they affect the lawfulness of global interactive gaming and, in particular, inform itself of jurisdictions where its activities or those of its players are explicitly prohibited and use its best endeavors not to play interactive games where such interactive gaming constitutes criminal activity there on the part of any participant.
    5. The licensee must submit to the Gaming Board reports at such intervals and in such a format as determined by the Gaming Board.
    6. The licensee must at all times satisfy such financial ratio requirements established by the Gaming Board as are from time to time notified in writing to it.
    7. Cash must not be used in any transaction involving a player’s account.
    8. The licensee must take all possible steps to prevent its services being used by those who seek to launder the proceeds of crime and, without prejudice to the generality of the foregoing, must-fully comply with the procedures laid down from time to time by the Gaming Board in respect of-identification of players; keeping of records; identification of suspicious transactions; internal reporting of suspicious transactions; making payments to players; and training of staff; and (b) appoint a senior member of staff (who may but need not be its nominee) to act as its money laundering reporting officer, who must report both to the Gaming Board in Anjouan all transactions identified by him as being suspicious.
    9. The licensee shall appoint a senior member of staff (who may but need not be its nominee) to act as its compliance officer, who must report to the Gaming Board on a regular basis in respect of all gaming compliance matters.
    10. In the event of any change in the beneficial ownership of the licensee, or of any parent or associated company of the licensee, where the share-holding of any person is or becomes 3% or more, the licensee must within 7 days notify the Gaming Board of that change, setting out the parties to the transaction(s) involved.
    11. The licensee must notify the Gaming Board in writing in the event that any gaming or other gambling licence issued by any jurisdiction in the world and held by the licensee, the nominee or any natural or legal person associated with the licensee has been terminated otherwise than voluntarily.
    12. The licensee must within 48 hours notify the Gaming Board in writing of the details and consequences of any serious incident or problem that may impact negatively on the operation of the licence and the remedial steps (if any) taken or the reputation of Anjouan as a jurisdiction for the conduct of interactive gaming.
    13. The licensee must as soon as reasonably practicable notify the Gaming Board in writing of any material change in any information supplied by it, whether during the licence application process or subsequently, to which the Gaming Board may have regard in determining whether there are grounds for suspension or revocation of the license.
    14. The licensee shall, on being given reasonable notice, which shall wherever possible be not less than 7 days, attend a meeting of the Gaming Board for the purpose set out in the notice.
    15. Satisfy the Gaming Board that its systems supplier is a fit and proper business associate to be associated with the licensee’s operations.
    16. If the renewal fee is not received on the due date the OFA may suspend the License