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All clients MUST have An Anjouan International Business Company before they can apply for any License,they can be applied for at the same time. An application form for an IBC can be obtained from


The Client must complete the application form ( If it’s just for a company without a license then the client just completes the IBC part of the application form) and returns it to Anjouan Corporate Services Ltd , with all the due diligence documents (See KYC below)
  • Anjouan Corporate Services or nominated payment provider, prepare invoices based on the client’s requirements and then sent by email to the client. (No documents are issued until full payment is received and cleared by our bank)
  • Once payment is cleared all the due diligence is once again cross-checked and documents are filed.
  • KYC Documents required for each Individual Director and company information applying for an IBC and License:
  1. A certified copy of client’s passport or current photo driving licence or national identity card showing the name, date and place of birth, nationality, signature of holder and date of issue/expiry. Alternatively, we can accept a photo of the client holding the open passport next to his face.
  2. Certified Proof of residential address. Acceptable evidence includes an original utility bill, bank or credit card statement or any official document, must be less than 3 months old.
  3. Personal professional Reference for each director.
  4. Full contact details of the directors

For Corporate/Partnership acting as shareholder

  • Certificate of incorporation or registration and the memorandum and articles of association or constitution or deed of partnership or Act de Société as the case may be. Document must be certified.
  • by banker, lawyer, notary, accountant, or a person holding a recognized professional qualification.
  • Company Reference.
  • A certified true copy of latest audited account or annual report if more than 1 year old.
  • A Certificate of good standing
  • List of substantial shareholders (who hold more than 5% of the voting power exercisable at the meeting of shareholder/member)
  • A list of directors.
  • Corporate structure. (Organisation chart would be helpful)
  • A certified copy of Board resolution granting authority to its managers, officers, or employees to transact business on its behalf.
Certificate of registration and trust agreement
List of all trustees
Trust structure
These Documents will be required if purchasing a pre-registered IBC or a IBC and Licenses
  • Share transfer document
  • Change of share capital document (if required)
  • Resignation and appointment of a director or shareholder (Register) Change of name resolution (if required)
  • Certificate of authority (Only for an Insurance License)


  1. In general an International Business company (IBC) can be processed within 48 hours, subject to receiving the completed application form, the required due diligence and payment.
  2. Banking Licenses can take up 2 weeks for documents to be issued, other Licenses can take 23weeks subject to due diligence and after payment is received and cleared.
  3. Note: if documents are in any language other than English, the client MUST get all documents translated by a Bonafede translator. Documents can only be certified by a Lawyer, accountant, or professional & we require the name, address & contact details of the company/individual certifying the documents.
  4. All original documents are sent by DHL.