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Thank you for your interest in our services. To proceed with purchasing company or licence from our web site, please fill in the attached application form. This will allow us to gather the necessary information to complete the registration process.

The application form includes basic information about your business, such as the name and type of company you wish to purchase. We also require details about the directors and shareholders of the company,

In addition, we may require further documentation depending on the type of company you wish to purchase. This could include identity documents for directors and shareholders, proof of address, and other relevant information.

Once we receive your completed application form and any required documentation, we will begin the process of transferring ownership of the pre-registered company to you. This typically takes around 1-2 weeks, depending on the complexity of the transaction.

Our team of experienced professionals is here to assist you throughout the process, from filling out the application form to completing the registration. We are happy to answer any questions you may have and guide you through the process.

Please note that the purchase of a pre-registered company is subject to our terms and conditions, which are included in the application form. We encourage you to review these carefully before proceeding with your purchase.

We look forward to helping you set up your business in Anjouan. If you have any further questions or require assistance with the application form, please do not hesitate to contact us.


The Union of the Comoros is a Federation of four independent autonomous islands in the Comoros: Mwali (Mohéli), Maoré (Mayotte – not independent), Ndzuwani (Anjouan), N’gazidja (Grande Comore).

After independence and autonomy from the previous Republic in 1998, the Government of Anjouan adopted new and modern legislation for incorporation of companies, including regulated financial entities and gaming casinos. This pioneering legislation was known as Anjouan Offshore Finance Authority and was legalised by the Anjouan Legislative Assembly in September 2005.

Each of the three independent islands (according to the Constitution of Comoros Union) has total freedom and autonomy in the Union, including having their own Constitutions (or Fundamental Law), 5/13/2019 Changes to Registrar Site President or Governor, and Parliament. Article 7 states that: «each island shall administer and manage its affairs freely.»

Despite some attempts at interference over the years, Anjouan enjoys its own financial sector which is not regulated by Central Bank of Comoros. Anjouan has its own internal legislation on the control and management of the Anjouan Offshore Finance Authority

As further Constitutional support from the Union of the Comoros for the independent Companies Registry, Banking, Trading and Gaming, the Comoros Constitution states that

«organization of administrative, commercial or industrial entities and units» and «fairs and markets» shall fall within the jurisdiction of each autonomous island.

Further articles 36-38 of the Constitution speak in more detail to the public and private patrimony of the island, of which the AOFA. forms a part, and the capacities of promotion and regulation of the private investment. Finally, the transitory provision in Article 63 confirms the continued authority of the AOFA institution that existed by law prior to the adoption of the Constitution, having been created by Assembly degree at September 2005, and until today, is the only Authority for the autonomous territory of Anjouan responsible for financial services and licensing.

In 2013 the government adopted amendments to the law relating to the licensing of banking and other activities. In 2019 the government adopted new regulations regarding virtual currencies In 2013 the government adopted amendments to the law relating to the licensing of banking and other activities. In 2019 the government adopted new regulations regarding virtual currencies


Anjouan Corporate Services Ltd is the only agent in Comoros recognised and duly authorised by the Anjouan Offshore Finance Authority for the marketing of all Anjouan offshore companies and licenses. The Anjouan Registrar of International Business Companies issues all international business companies (IBC), The Anjouan Offshore Finance Authority administers the following, together with the Gaming Board and The commissioner for Insurance Commission;

• International Banking Licenses

• International Crypto Banking Licenses

• International Brokerage and clearing house Licenses

• International Insurance Licenses

• On-line Gaming Licenses

The Autonomous Island of Anjouan always offers the highest standards. The Anjouan Offshore Finance centre ensures our customers objectives are met in an expert and efficient manner for all offshore banking Licenses, on Line gaming License & offshore Insurance and brokerage Licenses. To obtain a License, all clients will have to complete an application form and an IBC will be issued, a license will then be granted to the IBC assuming all criteria are met and subject to satisfactory due diligence.

With autonomy has come opportunity and with opportunity, the chance to establish Anjouan’s island nation as a financial center for International Business Companies, banking, Insurance and Gaming Licenses as well as commerce and industry. There is a wonderful opportunity for all business in this jurisdiction.

Anjouan has an efficient financial infrastructure for now and the future. Yet, as Anjouan looks to the future, Anjouan continues to cherish the traditions and customs that make Anjouan both unique and special. With the help of foreign expertise, the Anjouan financial centre is now one of the major financial jurisdictions in the world.

Anjouan Corporate Services Ltd is fast, efficient, friendly & flexible. In establishing the Anjouan financial center, companies, and business enterprises are discovering that they can significantly improve profitability in all aspects of financial services including Anjouan Banking licenses, Anjouan on Line Gaming Licenses, Anjouan Insurance License, Anjouan Brokerage Licenses, and Anjouan International business companies.

The Anjouan laws that were passed in February 2005 relating to all offshore activity were carefully drawn up to produce a coherent and flexible regulatory framework. Anjouan Corporate Services Ltd and are fully regulated by the Anjouan Offshore Finance Authority.

We care about your success. Our aim is to build a solid, reliable, long-term business relationship which facilitate your requirements to become a fully licensed company and financial service


One of the easiest ways to start a business in Anjouan is by purchasing a pre-registered company. These companies are ready-made and come with a range of benefits, including faster setup times, reduced administrative burden.

This section specialize in providing pre-registered companies in Anjouan. We have a wide range of businesses available for purchase, including limited liability companies, Gaming and insurances licences, All of our pre-registered companies are fully compliant with Anjouan’s laws and regulations, making the setup process hassle-free.

One of the benefits of purchasing a pre-registered company is that it comes with a pre-established legal structure. This means that all of the necessary paperwork, such as registration with the Commercial Registry, is already taken care of. This saves you time and reduces the administrative burden of setting up a new business. It also means that you can start trading immediately, without any delays.

Another advantage of purchasing a pre-registered company is that it can help you save money. The costs of setting up a new business from scratch can be substantial, including legal fees, registration fees, and other expenses. When you purchase a pre-registered company, you can avoid many of these costs, as they are already included in the purchase price.

At our web site, we offer a range of pre-registered companies to suit different business needs. Whether you are looking for a small business or a larger enterprise, we have something to suit your requirements. Our team of experienced professionals can also help you with any questions you may have about setting up a business in Anjouan.

In conclusion, if you are looking to start a business in Anjouan, purchasing a pre-registered company is a smart and cost-effective way to do so. At our web site, we offer a range of pre-registered companies to suit different business needs. See below available registered companies


Anjouan obtained Independence from France, together with the other Islands of Comoros in 1975.

Anjouan then stayed independent together with the other islands of Comoros until 1997 when Anjouan declared its willingness to be independent from the Comoros. This created the beginning of the separatist crises, which lasted until 1999 when Anjouan was granted autonomous status. The new government began work immediately to tackle all legislative issues.

Autonomy has brought with it many advantages to this island nation. Laws passed through parliament regarding offshore activity have enabled Anjouan to become a credible offshore centre. The legislation is both innovative and flexible, thus making the island a very attractive offshore financial centre.

The laws & Legislation which were passed in 2005 not only allow for a dynamic approach to offshore business, but equally as important, the new laws focus closely on the reduction of money laundering and any form of financial crime.

Should you require further information regarding the laws and Legislation, please feel free to contact us directly at [info@anjouancorporateservices.com]info@anjouancorporateservices.com

• International Banks Act 2005

• International Banks Regulations 2005

• International Business Companies Act 004 of 2005

• International Business Company Regulation 004A 2005

• International Insurance Act 006 of 2005

• International Insurance Regulations and Application Form

• Money Laundering (Prevention) Act 2005

• Offshore Finance Authority Act 003 of 2005

• On-line Gaming Act 007 of 2005

• Registered Agent Regulations 002a of 2005

• Registered Agents Licensing Act 002 of 2005

• United Nations Terrorist Act 2007


All clients MUST have An Anjouan International Business Company before they can apply for any License, they can be applied for at the same time. An application form for an IBC is on this portal.

The Client must complete the application form ( If it’s just for a company without a license then the client just completes the IBC part of the application form) and returns it to Anjouan Corporate Services Ltd , with all the due diligence documents (See KYC below)

1. Anjouan Corporate Services or nominated payment provider, prepare invoices based on the client’s requirements and then sent by email to the client. (No documents are issued until full payment is received and cleared by our bank)

2. Once payment is cleared all the due diligence is once again cross-checked and documents are filed.

3. KYC Documents required for each Individual Director and company information applying for an IBC and License:

• A certified copy of client’s passport or current photo driving licence or national identity card showing the name, date and place of birth, nationality, signature of holder and date of issue/expiry. Alternatively, we can accept a photo of the client holding the open passport next to his face.

• Certified Proof of residential address. Acceptable evidence includes an original utility bill, bank or credit card statement or any official document, must be less than 3 months old.

• Personal professional Reference for each director.

• Full contact details of the directors

For Corporate/Partnership acting as shareholder

• Certificate of incorporation or registration and the memorandum and articles of association or constitution or deed of partnership or Act de Société as the case may be. Document must be certified

• by banker, lawyer, notary, accountant, or a person holding a recognized professional qualification.

• Company Reference.

• A certified true copy of latest audited account or annual report if more than 1 year old.

• A Certificate of good standing

• List of substantial shareholders (who hold more than 5% of the voting power exercisable at the meeting of shareholder/member)

• A list of directors.

• Corporate structure. (Organisation chart would be helpful)

• A certified copy of Board resolution granting authority to its managers, officers, or employees to transact business on its behalf.

a. Certificate of registration and trust agreement

b. List of all trustees

c. Trust structure

These Documents will be required if purchasing a pre-registered IBC or a IBC and Licenses

• Share transfer document

• Change of share capital document (if required)

• Resignation and appointment of a director or shareholder (Register) Change of name resolution (if required)

• Certificate of authority (Only for an Insurance License)


• In general an International Business company (IBC) can be processed within 48 hours, subject to receiving the completed application form, the required due diligence and payment.

• Banking Licenses can take up 2 weeks for documents to be issued, other Licenses can take 2-3weeks subject to due diligence and after payment is received and cleared.

• Note: if documents are in any language other than English, the client MUST get all documents translated by a Bonafede translator. Documents can only be certified by a Lawyer, accountant, or professional & we require the name, address & contact details of the company/individual certifying the documents.

• All original documents are sent by DHL.